Communicate Humanly With Your Users

No one reads manuals anymore. We, at Onboard, help you give your customers the assistance they need through 3D smart manuals. 

Why you need Onboard ?

You are not the problem, the MANUAL is !

You will absolutely relate to these situations  


My customers never read my product’s manual, they keep calling and emailing support, which is expensive and tedious for us…


I was excited to try the new product I just bought, but the instructions were not clear, no idea how this works, I am returning it… 


They gave me a pile of paper on my first day, “here’s the machine manual” they said. Struggling still despite all the trainings…

Our Solution Enables You To

Create and share, instantly.

Easily Create 3D manuals in minutes​.
Share it instantly with users, empowering them with AI support.

Learn better, faster.

Unlock actionable insights​
Improve your product​
Give your customers a best-in-class support experience

Understand your customers.

Assign and share manuals,  track operator’s productivity  Retain the knowledge in  your company

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They trust us 🙂

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