Our Mission
is to empower inventors and users to communicate humanly
We enable Manufacturing companies to create easy to consume 3D manuals, with intelligent AI to be your personal assistant and guide you inside the manual  
Our Core Values

Get S@#% done, now and later

  • Keep your eyes on the prize, no output = no value, get shit DONE.
  • Don’t confuse “output” (what) with “process” (how), deliver the output NOW
  • AND START building a scalable process for LATER, we’ll get there eventually 😉 .

Don’t F@#% the customers

  • Start with the Customer Experience and work back to tech/process.
  • At every step, ask yourself, “How is this adding value to the customer ? ”
  • Rally to make our customers successful, whatever your position is.

Be Intentional, OWN it

  • Be decisive, BUT always have a reason, think before you do, have intent.
  • We like your your mistakes, only if you are intentional. Learn & Improve.
  • Take responsibility, your JD isn’t fixed, never will be, found a problem ? fix it.

Build together, win together

  • Assuming makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. Don’t assume, ASK, no gray areas.
  • Have an idea? an opinion? a feeling? share, always keep your team in the loop.
  • Found a problem? propose solutions. Need help? accept help and pay it forward.

Comfortable for all

  • Look, we’re chill… so don’t kill our vibe.
  • Be empathetic, think of others’ feelings, don’t offend them.
  • We are different, but we share values, so leave the bullshit out of the door.
Meet the founders

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