How to assemble an Ikea EKTORP Sofa?

We all agree that assembling flat-packed furniture from Ikea can be not only a difficult task but also extremely annoying. Indeed the Ektorp sofa, for example, will appear as an easy object to assemble but dealing with such a heavy product with very little to none clear instructions from a paper manual can be a burden. That’s why we will assist you with assembling it using a 3D interactive manual. You will also find a detailed step by step video that will transform the experience of putting together the sofa from overwhelming to enjoyable.

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Tools and Precautions:

You won’t need any tools to assemble the EKTORP Sofa. Every fixation tool will be inserted and secured using your hands.

Precaution and organization are key when assembling a flat-packed product. Thus make sure to have a carpet underneath you before emptying the box. Screw each piece tightly and when in doubt contact us.

Step by Step assembly of Ikea Ektorp sofa :

After making sure we have all the needed items we will start assembling. First, Locate the designated wholes in each of the bottom parts of the arm. Hand-screw the threaded pins in their designated wholes and on the corresponding side of the arm until they’re firmly secure.


The second step would be assembling the arm and the base. Secure the arm in the base core of the sofa. Make sure both lower pins and the side pin go into their designated spots. Secure the pins with washers and nuts from the other side while making sure that both ways are screwed all the way in, as highlighted in the 3D design. Now you just have to repeat the same process with the other arm.

Finally, all you need to do is to hand screw the supports into their designated place in the corners of the base and place the cushions on top.

That’s it your Ikea Ektorp Sofa is ready for you to enjoy while lounging around and watching your favorite TV show. It was easy, wasn’t it? If you want to find other 3D manuals for other furniture make sure to check our platform.

Courtesy of bemz