How to assemble an Ikea Norden table?

Are you struggling to assemble your Ikea Norden table? Are the different components confusing and the never-ending batches of different yet similar screws driving you crazy? Is the manual overwhelming you more than helping? Well, that’s expected. We don’t experience our life through 2D illustrations. How come we have to use a paper manual when the product itself is not two-dimensional. Thus, we will onboard you and assist you with assembling this piece of furniture step by step using a 3D interactive manual.

You can access the 3D manual of this piece of furniture directly using this link.

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Tools and Precautions:

To assemble this piece of furniture you will be needing a screwdriver, a hammer, and a hex key that was delivered to you in the box.

Above all, precaution and organization are key when assembling a flat-packed product. Thus, make sure to have a carpet underneath you before emptying the box. Screw each piece tightly and when in doubt contact us.

You will receive multiple fixation tools in different batches. Thus, make sure to organize them according to the following categories. This step will help immensely when it comes to identifying the needed piece later on.

You’ll find a set of four Ikea floor slide protectors, a set of four hinges, and four tarva metric screws. You will also get a set of forty-eight medium screwseight wood dowels, a set of four tlx flat screws, a set of forty-two euro screws, four nut sleeves, tow plugs, and two metal holders.

Step by Step to assemble the Ikea Norden table :

Assemble structure of Norden table:

First, align the two legs that they are facing each other, insert two wood dowels on each side of the smallholders. Secure the two holders on each side of the legs while making sure that the two holes in them are facing downwards. 

Insert the two metal holders on top of the legs and secure them using 4 screws from the set of 42 and a screwdriver.

assemble Norden table

Now we focus on the top of the table.  Insert the two small wood pieces on each side with the two screws from the set of four. Tighten them using a screwdriver. 

Importantly, insert the four hinges with 32 screws from the set of 42 and secure them.

assemble Norden table

When the top is ready, turn the legs upside down. Insert the four long screws on each side of both legs and secure them using the hex key. Add the four net sleeves in the four different slots of the wood holders and tighten them.

assemble Norden table

Add the legs to the top of the table using the remaining 6 screws from the set of 42 and secure them tightly. Insert four slide protectors in the leg and hammer them in. Add the two plugs in the moving part of the legs and secure them using the hammer as well.

Assemble the drawers of the Norden table:

Now the structure of the table is ready we will move on to the drawers. First, Insert two side walls to the back, add four screws from the set of 48. Secure them using the hammer.

Then, slide in the bottom part, add the front wall. Using a hammer and 4 screws from the same set, secure the wall tightly.

Repeat the same process to the other Five drawers.

assemble Norden table

Finally, add your finished drawers to the table and voila your Norden is ready for you to enjoy.

assemble Norden table

That’s it your Ikea Ektorp Sofa is ready without the burden and overwhelming feelings of assembling flat-packed furniture. If you want to find other 3D manuals for other furniture make sure to check our platform.

assemble Norden table
Courtesy of Ikea