How to assemble an Ikea POÄNG Chair?

Have You bought an Ikea POÄNG chair and can’t seem to know how to assemble it? Are there different parts that are hard to distinguish between one another? Is the instruction manual confusing you more than helping? Don’t you worry, you came to the right place. We will onboard you and assist you with assembling this piece of furniture step by step using a 3D interactive manual.

You can access the 3D manual of this piece of furniture directly using this link.

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Tools and Precautions:

To assemble the POANG Chair you will only need a hexagon key. If you don’t own one you can buy it using this link.

Precaution and organization are key when assembling a flat-packed product. Thus make sure to have a carpet underneath you before emptying the box. Screw each piece tightly and when in doubt contact us.

After laying down a carpet, open the box to check what’s inside. You will find multiple parts ana batches of screws. We will help you identify each piece.

You will also find a paper manual just make sure to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Here is what you will find inside of the delivered box:

Step by Step assembling of Ikea POÄNG chair :

After making sure we have all the needed items we will start assembling. First, insert the 4 back pieces to one of the holders and make sure that the side with the velcro is facing the front. Add the second holder and insert the set of 8 screws on each side of the back and tighten them using the hexagon key 

The second step would be assembling the back and the seat using two screws from the set of six. Insert the two parts of the seat in the cloth and then insert them using the four remaining screws from the same set.  

Now we take the chair arms and insert them to one of the sides using a washer and your set of two screws. We then add the front and back holder and insert them using a nut sleeve and one of the screws from the set of four. Repeat the same process on the other side.  

Finally, add the cushion and the chair base while making sure to align it with the velcro on the back.

That’s it your Ikea POÄNG Chair is ready for you to enjoy while sipping on coffee and reading your favorite book. It was easy, wasn’t it? If you want to find other 3D manuals for other furniture make sure to check our platform.