• No one can deny the excitement we all feel when we receive at our doorsteps a box containing the product that we bought and we are eagerly waiting for.  We take the box, rush inside, open it, and here comes the disappointment. Parts scattered everywhere like the pieces of a puzzle and a sad-looking paper the so-called “Instruction manuals”.   We start to assemble but fail miserably. We are stuck with the dilemma of wanting to test the product as soon as possible and the fear of committing errors and ruining it. Now hours have passed, and you are still trying to decipher a piece of paper that has
  • Have You bought an Ikea POÄNG chair and can’t seem to know how to assemble it? Are there different parts that are hard to distinguish between one another? Is the instruction manual confusing you more than helping? Don’t you worry, you came to the right place. We will onboard you and assist you with assembling this piece of furniture step by step using a 3D interactive manual. You can access the 3D manual of this
  • We all stumbled upon that animated 3D model on a website and though well that is some interesting video. However, the truth is far from that. Real-time 3D is not a video. These models are what we call real-time 3D, an example of what a digital transformation represents which is strikingly different from the digitization of reality through text, images, and even videos. (check out our article “An image on a tablet is not Digital Transformation, nor innovation.” to know more about this subject)   Have you ever tried to decipher a
  • Creating a connected industry is the main promise of the fourth industrial revolution. Its goal is to apply digital transformation to the entire industry supply chain. However, applying this will push the manufacturers to get out of their comfort zones of predefined “successful” processes to be able to adapt to the market since these processes are becoming more and more complex for their frontline workers, who are still unfamiliar with these new technologies, and thus afraid